There are a range of popular and exotic destinations that you can choose from in the Lesser Antilles. The itineraries are entirely open to discussion and can be agreed for each individual preferences. However, we also have predefined routes that you can choose from.

The Lesser Antilles is a group of smaller islands starting from the Virgin Islands, all the way to Grenada. This group of islands forms an arc and from their most notable points of interests we would mention just a few, such as the islets of the Martinique coastline, the tropical forest in Saint Vincent, the sulphur mines of Saint Lucia, the spectacular beaches of the Grenadines, the coral reefs of the Tobago Cays and so on. Going north, we will mention Guadeloupe, Marie-Galante and the archipelago of Les Saintes, Saint-Martin, which are pure treasures of the Antilles.

Our Packages

These are pre-made itineraries from which you can choose if you want.

Windward Route

Enjoy 2 weeks in the picturesc Lesser Antilles - visiting (Walilabou) where The Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed.

  • Le Marin St. Lucia (Rodney Bay / Marigot Bay)
  • St. Lucia St. Vincent (Walilabou)
  • Walilabou Bequia
  • Bequia Mayreau (Salt Whisley Bay)
  • Mayreau Union Island (Clifton Bay)
  • Union Island Petit St. Vincent
  • Petit St. Vincent Tobago Cays
  • Tobago Cays Bequia
  • Bequia Le Marin
Martinique Route

Spend 1 week in the island of flowers, visiting the island where Emperess Josephine grew up and the rock the British disguised as a ship to enrage Napoleon.

  • Le Marin Saint Anne
  • Saint Anne Diamond Les Anse-D'Arlet
  • Les Anse-D'Arlet Point de Bout
  • Point de Bout Fort-de-France
  • Fort-de-France St. Pierre
  • St. Pierre Fort-de-France
  • Fort-de-France Le Marin
Leeward Route

Enjoy Martinique and Guadelupe's spectacual waters for two weeks.

  • Le Marin Fort-de-France
  • Fort-de-France St. Pierre
  • St. Pierre Marie-Galante
  • Marie-Galante Les Saints
  • Les Saints Desais
  • Desais Bas Terre
  • Bas Terre Point de Bout
  • Point de Bout Le Marin