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The easiest way to be at sea and to enjoy the wind and the waves is to book a place on a sailing boat. In fact, anybody can book a place on a yacht and enjoy a week or more at sea. It's an experience where you can learn the art of sailing and enjoy another kind of holiday. The yachts where these activities are performed usually have a capacity of 6-10 people (in 3,4 or 5 double bed cabins) and are managed by a qualified skipper, which usually covers the job of a whole crew, however, most of the time, tourists are also enouraged to take part in the activities on board. Anybody onboard is welcomed to use all the available equipment as if they own it, the skipper being happy to teach anyone who wants to sail on their own.

Our Crew

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Adrian started sailing in England on a Hurley Silhouette. Since then he has crossed the Atlantic as skipper with a crew of 2 on his 40ft boat.

We guarantee that you will have an unforgettable experience that will stay with you the rest of your life!

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